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Is Salary Negotiable?

Yes. Everything is negotiable, we’re told. The fact is, not everything is totally negotiable.

Employers usually have more salary flexibility that they indicate in the interviewing process, but it can vary significantly based on their industry economics and the structured salary guidelines within the company.

Keep in mind that no company will invite you to interview, and say “our salary for this position is between $72,000 and $100,000. How do you feel about that?” It’s not going to happen. They want to know... [READ MORE]

Evaluating a Technology Company

How does an experienced engineer or technical manager choose the best available position from a field of many? How does he or she filter all the data, when multiple offers are intriguing? How do you make the right career decision about accepting an offer?

There are key criteria in evaluating offers, assuming the salary package is right (or reasonably close). Even if you take the wrong job in a firm that scores high using the following criteria, chances are you will make your way into the right job quickly.

You must carefully evaluate each of the following... [READ MORE]

Evaluating Company Management

Engineers are aware that it's essential for a company to have a solid senior management team... if they are going to be successful there. Making a determination about the quality of management is important before you accept an offer - and at a small to medium sized firm this becomes a much larger part of the weighting formula.

The problem is that evaluating the management team is difficult - and usually completely ignored by potential employees. Candidates can't always be sure of a company by reading financial statements, and most engineers don’t have the time -- or inclination -- to do this.

Disasters such as Enron have demonstrated the importance of discovering... [READ MORE]

Reasons for Leaving

Should you be changing jobs? Before you begin the process of searching for a new employer, review this to see if it's in your best interest

Engineer a New Resume Strategy

Enormous changes in the technical job market attributable to the net, changing demographics, frenzied technology advances and globalization have forced the rethinking of how engineering candidates begin their job search - by updating their resume to focus on them.

The problem? It’s the wrong focus.

It's centered on you, not the target employer. The new strategy should... [READ MORE]

10 Interviewing Tips for an Engineer

After the company invites you in for a site interview, use this list to make the most of the opportunity:

1. Who are you seeing? What is their function? What will they likely be interested in discussing? What were they most interested in during the phone screen?

2. Know the names of the people who will be interviewing you. Practice... [READ MORE]

How to Resign

If you're handing in your resignation, plan ahead to make it as painless as possible. If you prepare in advance for the day you announce your intentions you will remove most of the stress from the process.

Even though you're looking forward to the new opportunity, one that will enhance your skills, increase your personal worth, and positively impact your career... resigning can still seem difficult, because you do it so infrequently in your career. This is how it is done... [READ MORE]

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